Comment opitimiser la fluidité des interfaces web ?

Summary : Historically, web browsers were not very optimized. That is to say, to interact with Java components, we created JavaScript. It was, in a very simplified way, to have, for example, a small graphic component in which we did what we wanted in Java, and the rest of the browser made it possible to […]

Comment conserver une UX de qualité au long terme&nbsp?

How to maintain a quality UX in the long term? Summary This is often a recurring subject because it is complicated to maintain the code to be able to ensure consistency on all screens and over the long term. We saw in the first lesson that a Design System could help. Today this often results […]

Comment être agile à l'échelle ?

How to be agile at scale? Summary Today the problem of adaptability, that is to say also of being able to improve a project over time, is the ability to be able to take into account the complaints, requirements and constraints that will come from different users. You must agree all the actors to be […]

Qu'est-ce que l'approche user-centric ?

A quoi correspond l'approche user-centric ?

What is the user-centric approach? Summary The design and improvement of applications are not always intuitive and simple concepts for project managers, which sometimes leaves users frustrated and unable to complete their tasks. The user-centric approach describes the process of designing and improving computer tools in which end users influence the way the design and […]