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Why do employees want a BtoC user experience on their BtoB apps?


On a daily basis, whether on your mobile phone or your computer, you are, as a consumer, used to an experience on the web’s pure players that is quite incredible:

    • Ordering on Amazon is simple and efficient, not to mention the very efficient after-sales service
    • Facebook’s UX is perfect: you know how to use each feature
    • Or Uber: it’s simple and works perfectly.

All these players have set the bar high and you, as a user, want to have the same level on your professional applications. How can you deliver an equivalent or even better experience to your users on internal applications?

  1. Today’s product or project manager must have some knowledge of the Customer Success Manager business: you must be accessible and attentive to the problems of your users. Give them a simple way to contact you and favor informal means rather than emails or the interfaces of ticketing tools, which are often cold and unpleasant.
  2. Solicit your users on the subjects of experience and insist when you solicit them on the notion of “everyday life that could be improved?”. Do not solicit them only for bugs or major improvements (all improvements are important in the daily life of a user!).
  3. Add a Google Analytic type tracking tool to your project. Many are free and if you have a high level of security in your business, you can even host them on your servers. A study conducted by Appian showed that 80% of features on apps go unused. This is obviously linked to a poor definition of needs but also to a lack of understanding of the user path.
  4. Create a community of users to allow free speech and communicate directly with your users. It’s a simple way to get continuous feedback from users.


In B2C, users have a place of choice by default because they are seen de facto as customers. Internally, the users of your applications are also your customers: all means are good to listen to them and improve the services or products offered with them.

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