How to be agile at the scale of a project?

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How to be agile at scale?


Today the problem of adaptability, that is to say also of being able to improve a project over time, is the ability to be able to take into account the complaints, requirements and constraints that will come from different users. You must agree all the actors to be able to create the application that we want.

We will have to agree to iterate and therefore be agile. To do this effectively, you have to maintain consistency and prevent the project from becoming too fragmented. This notably involves the graphic and ergonomic chat, which is why you need a design system.

The design system is often limited to the graphic charter, graphic and ergonomic components. However, keep in mind that a design system goes much further:

  • The way to navigate is part of it. It is a moreover structuring approach on this subject;
  • The arrival of new data will regularly cause continuous changes to the design system.

If we look at the level of small applications, it’s relatively simple to be agile and to quickly change the design system because there are few things to display and use.

In the case of large-scale projects, we will actually be on applications with several hundreds or thousands of screens. A fortiori, we will have many different users who will want to access different functionalities.

It will therefore be necessary to break down into different axes all of these screens, all of these graphic rules, interactions, ergonomics. Each of these axes of the design system must be defined differently to ensure that the whole is composed in a coherent form.

By doing this, the Design system goes far beyond the framework of the interface and will be automatically produced, so as to be able to develop everything axis by axis, and to have a coherent whole produced automatically.

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