Want a BtoC experience on a BtoB application?

Vouloir une expérience BtoC sur une application BtoB?

Why do employees want a BtoC user experience on their BtoB apps? Summary On a daily basis, whether on your mobile phone or your computer, you are, as a consumer, used to an experience on the web’s pure players that is quite incredible: Ordering on Amazon is simple and efficient, not to mention the very […]

What is the user-centric approach?

A quoi correspond l'approche user-centric ?

What is the user-centric approach? Summary The design and improvement of applications are not always intuitive and simple concepts for project managers, which sometimes leaves users frustrated and unable to complete their tasks. The user-centric approach describes the process of designing and improving computer tools in which end users influence the way the design and […]

How to onboard business and become an application producer?

Comment onboarder les métiers et devenir producteur d'applications

How to onboard business and become an application producer? Summary Business employees who become application producers thanks to nocode are called citizen makers or no-code Ops, i.e. people who do not live off no-code but who, thanks to no-code code will learn a number of skills, allowing them to create applications. You should know that […]

How to manage governance and security with no-code?

Gouvernance et sécurité no-code

Governance and security for no-code tools, what to do? Summary Governance and security for no-code are two topics that come up very regularly, particularly in large companies. Indeed, when you are a startup, when you are three people in the box, you generally give access to all the data in the company to the founder […]

Which stack to choose for no-code?

Quelle stack choisir pour du no-code

Choosing your no-code stack is not to be taken lightly. How not to be mistaken? Summary This is effectively the starting point of any no-code project. Today it is more than 750 referenced no-code tools and we discover new ones every day. The stack is very varied. We will be able to deal with subjects […]

When to do or not to do no-code?

Quand faire ou ne pas faire du no-code

No-code has become key in companies. When should we do no-code and for which projects? Summary When to do or not to do no-code? This is an excellent question that all of our prospects ask all of our customers. There are a number of use cases that are natively compatible with note code. For example, […]